Sunday, March 27, 2011

Around San Francisco in Style

Friday night we celebrated two birthdays in true style. We spend the night cruising around San Francisco in a white limousine whilst sipping Champagne and munching on chocolate dipped strawberries in the back. I had a opportunity to wear my new H&M jumpsuit I mentioned in my previous post. 

The night was great fun, we made some stops in Union Square, where we had dinner at the Burger Bar inside the Macy's building. Then we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, where we got out and had an amazing view of San Francisco and the view of the bridge at night was breathtaking.

Our last stop was Pier 39, where we also got out and walked around the Pier. I was  a great night, good atmosphere, great company and the limousine of course was just a perfect touch. Thanks Sandra and Christin!!
Jacket:H&M|Jumpsuit: H&M|Clutch:Guess

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life's a beach

A few weeks ago a few friends and I  went to Los Angeles for a weekend trip, even though I was there before, for a week's vacation I just had to go back. 

It was a short trip but I felt like it was one of the best weekends I had, because we did so much in just three days. I loved Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, because it reminded me of the beaches in Cape Town.

But if I to choose I would say Santa Monica would get my vote, there was just this serenity about it and the scenery was magnificent.
 Venice boardwalk on the other hand was so different, the people was so different and the scenery. The one thing that was great about it was the street performances. It was a mix of people, from a guy walking over glass to skateboarder and graffiti artists.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boho Chic

One of my favourite stores here in the USA is of course H&M. I love the quality, trendiness and it's so affordable. I will definitively miss it when I go back to South Africa unless there is any plans for them to open in South Africa. 
So today of course I went shopping at H&M, the latest trend was "Boho Chic", with Gisella Bunchen as the spokesperson. Its all about prints and colours ,trims and in the detail. 

So I could not resist but to buy the jumpsuit for only $19.95 (equivalent to about R140). I love the fabric, colour and cut of it. It can be worn casual and also dressed up on a night out. Which I think will make the perfect outfit for my friends birthday Friday night. So I will definitely post the pictures.

Images from H&M

Friday, March 18, 2011

Life in San Francisco

I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been living in California for almost a year now and will be staying six more months before I go back to Cape Town. Over the past year I have travelled a bit and of course a lot of sightseeing in San Francisco, which has become one of my favourite cities now.

It reminds me a bit of Cape Town in some ways, because of the climate and the diversity and the friendly people. There is lots to see and do around the city and and has the famous Golden Gate Bridge and so many other great landmarks. So I just thought that I would share some of my memorable moments on the new next few blog entries.   
Golden Gate Bridge| Crooked Lombard Street 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Strike a Pose...

Recently my friend, Barbara and I took a photography class at California College of the Arts. I always loved photography so I decided to give it  a try.
Handling the $7000 camera was a bit intimidating but it turned out the a great experience and that's when I decided to start this blog and merge my love for fashion, photography and design.

Of course, my model Barbara is already an amazing photographer (will  pursued her to let ad some of her pictures too) but this time she was on the other side of the lens. So I played stylist and photographer all in one day. We had a great class and I enjoyed it much more that I expected and thanks to the great teacher we had Douglas Sandberg. 
          Model: Barbara Adams|Jacket: H&M |T-shirt: Forever 21| Jeans and shoes: Her own| Necklace: My DIY
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