Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swedish Midsummer

This has been a busy weekend, it started with watching South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela perform in Oakland on Thursday and Friday. Then there was San Francisco Pride Parade and watching One Republic perform in the Golden Gate park today, but the one thing I do want  to get to, is the Swedish Midsummer celebration on Saturday.

 I had the pleasure of celebration the Swedish Midsummer festival with some of the girls, it was so much fun. We ate Swedish food, played some games and a I learned a few things about Swedish culture that I didn't know before. 
The Swedish had some yummy snacks we then went to Lake Temescel to play some games. girls Sandra, Anna and Kasja did an amazing job of everything the, food, decor and games. After we  It was like having a piece of Sweden here in the USA.

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