Monday, September 17, 2012

A picture of a thosand words

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend. Some of my fondest memories is from living in California and meeting some amazing people.
These pictures hold so many memories of a night well spend. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in a limo, having a great dinner in San Francisco and spending it with good company. It was like a farewell before we returning to our home countries, namely South Africa, Germany, Sweden and Brazil. 
This picture was taken in the Golden Gate Park with The Palace of the Fine Arts behind us. FYI, my dress only cost $6. Have a great week.


  1. You girls are too cute!! So much fun!!
    - Aimee
    DIY Blog: SwellMadye

  2. Thank you Aimee, I love your blog!! I'm obsessed with DIY fashion.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine, hope your week kindly surprises you :)
    The trip and experience sounds wonderful.


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