Monday, May 30, 2011

From Paris with love...

I have just been watching reruns of the Gossip Girl episodes shot in Paris and I want to go there. Paris has always been one of the places on my list to see, I'm so fascinated by the language, culture, people, the Eiffel Tower and of course Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world.

 Now that  I have a friend there, Dougna (I miss you!!!). I have an even bigger reason to visit, I hope it will be soon.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adiós Barbara

One of the things I had to get used to here in the USA is saying good bye to the friends I had made here and soon I will leave too. Friday night it was a farewell for Barbara, she is from Argentina who I hope to one day visit there. She is also the reason I took a Spanish class, even the though my Spanish is bad I can say a few words. I met them at the Elephant Bar, who I was by the way late for and then we went to San Francisco.
It was a nice evening with some funny moments like the the topic of soccer, Maradona or Pele.. who's the best... a question I don't have the answer for. I will miss Barbara, she has a warm personality and fun to be around. She is also an aspiring photographer, who takes amazing pictures. ( Check out her Blog.)

I hope I say this right, "Adiós y goodluck, te echo de menos"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The past few days the weather has just been so gloomy and cold, so I just wanted to be reminded of the nice sunshine that should be here and the Californian summer I'm looking forward too. These pictures were taken at Lake Merritt in Oakland on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. I can't wait..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

California Dream

I don't know why but for the past few weeks I have been really homesick, the funny thing is I was really surprised that I managed to stay here in California for more than a year already without wanting to go home. I think maybe it's  because I will be back in South Africa in soon so I'm missing my family more.

I know being able to live in California of all place was the last thing I has ever thought I would be able to, so I decided to think of all the things that I love about being in California and that I will miss.

All the wonderful friends are made here from France, Brazil, Sweden, Argentina , Germany, Denmark, Norway and of course USA and South Africa( I hope I didn't leave out anybody). I hope I will be able to visit them all. The stores I come to love, the places I visited,  San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, yummy chocolates and Starbucks!!!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sail away

Red, navy and stripes... Nautical is the aim of the day, this trend has been coming back season after season. I love that it's easy to wear and you can match it with so many other pieces of clothing. ( I created these storyboards on Polyvore, which I love at the moment )
Sail away 2
Sail away

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Student Fashion Show

The past weekend I attended a fashion show by the students of Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There were some interesting collaborations between the Fashion, Textile, Knitwear and Fine Art Sculpture design students.
I had a seat in the front row and from where I was sitting the quality and construction of the garments were excellent.

There were a mix of garments and styling was appropriate for each range gracing the catwalk. There was definitely some amazing talent.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Santa Cruz

The past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the two days in Santa Cruz, about one and half hours drive from Oakland. It's a beach town on the coast of Northern California.

Its was a nice place to visit, I could see it was all about having fun in the sun. The people seemed so laid back, playing volley ball on the beach, surfing, some trying to catch some fish and of course catching a tan. The boardwalk was just a nice place to walk around, with little shops where you could find just about anything you needed for the beach and we were lucky enough to be

staying in walking distance from the boardwalk.
The Sunday I tried my luck at kayaking, seeing that it was my first time I was a bit nervous. Thinking what if the kayak tip over, well it didn't and it was nice to be out at see. The highlight of kayaking was seeing a whale so close to us. Even though it was amazing, I was so scared thinking what if it comes too close and I fall out the kayak. The weekend was great, hanging out on the beach and the weather was just perfect. Thanks girls!!

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